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Free Redirect URL / Shorter URL

Provides free URL redirection services which allow you to redirect an easy-to-remember yourname.cjb.net address to your web site.

The complete guide to free Url Redirection, free Short Url, free Subdomain & free Domain Name providers and reviews of services offered.

Free A fast and reliable counter from the people at LinkExchange.com. Setup takes only five minutes and you can choose from several counter styles. Also includes the ability to have statistics reports sent via e-mail.

Free URL redirection service that provides a subdomain of the form yourname.domain.it. The service supports the inclusion of META tags for search engine positioning. Best part is that there are no ads!

Free subdomain-based URL redirection service (yourname.ne1.net or yourname.r8.org) with both cloaked and direct URL forwarding options.

Offers a free URL redirection service with both subdomain (NAME.domain.to) and subdirectory (domain.to/NAME) style addresses.

Offers free URL forwarding of the form www.yourchoice.domain
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