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Free Counter

You can get a free graphical counter for your site in many different formats. We also offer text counters. Best of all, it's free.

A simple image counter. No advertisement. You can always change the value.

Free A fast and reliable counter from the people at LinkExchange.com. Setup takes only five minutes and you can choose from several counter styles. Also includes the ability to have statistics reports sent via e-mail.

TenZero can instantly provide you with free, fully customisable webcounters with full realtime statistics. You can have up to 10 webcounters from one account.

Track information about the traffic visiting your website. View statistics on-the-fly 24 hours a day. Choose from over 10 digit styles.

Zipstats is a free counter service that allows you to check your raw log file if you wish and also generates reports for you, based on traffic to your page.

A free web counter that tracks page view, visits, and visit length. Customizable by text color, background color, size, font, & commas. Displays dynamic 3D graphs of site traffic. Creates FrontPage "Designer" HTML so a web counter can be easily added to pages using the FrontPage editor.

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