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Free Guestbook

Simple free guestbook service which allows site visitors to post public and private comments (the latter will only be visible to the guestbook owner)..

Create a free guestbook for your personal home page or company web site. Totally configurable.

Free Add a fully customizable guestbook to your web site for free! You can change the title, header, color, font, size, and style of your guestbook at anytime. Option of customizing the fields of your guestbook is available also. Send thank you's to visitors, ability to remove guestbook entries, and much more.

Free With CGI For Me guestbooks, you can allow your visitors to post a message and leave their mark on your site. It's fully customizable so it can match your site with little difficulty.

Customize your own guestbook with options such as background wallpaper, back link, midi music, text colors, change and add fields, email notification and language filter. Lots of other great features such as statistics and advanced settings to personalize your guestbook. Easy to install and setup including free support.

Free TenZero can instantly provide you with a free, fully customisable guestbook which allows you to keep in touch with your visitors. You can customise your fonts, images, colors, text and have the benefits of e-mail notification and bad word filters.

Free The most configurable guestbook on the net. It's easy to use and you can be up and running within minutes. Has logging, customized fields, IP and password protection, and the ability to email you when someone has signed your guestbook.

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