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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Keyword Selection

Digital Point keyword suggestion tool – free web based tool which compares Wordtracker and Overture search frequencies.

Google Keyword Sandbox – shows related search terms but not search quantity.

Google Search Suggestion Tool – auto-completes search queries to help you find more related search terms.

Ontology tool – finds related keywords using

General SEO Tools

There are many various tools which help make the job of SEO quicker. These are some of my more commonly used tools. All the tools in this section are free.

Digital Point keyword ranking, backlink, and PageRank checker – I use this tool to view my position for various websites in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. It also helps me hypothesize some of the ways they may have changed their algorithms.

Yahoo! Tracker – tracks keyword rankings in Yahoo!

Top25Web PageRank lookup – shows PageRank (good to use when the toolbar is broken)

Analysis of the characteristics of the top 10 pages for a given keyword in Google's results.

Useful to select the pages on which to ask for adding one's link because the results are ordered according to the pagerank of the pages.

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